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Student exchange and Internship opportunities in ESP

ESP continues to provide student exchange opportunities with its partner universities. This academic year, over 50% of the 2017-18 cohort are going on student exchange, and the majority are going to our partner universities, University of Toronto, Canada, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden, and Osaka University, Japan. There are also 12 week Vacation Internship opportunities with Osaka University (OU) and the University of British Columbia (Okanagan Campus).

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NUS team develops water-based air-conditioner

ESP Lecturers A/Prof Ernest Chua and Dr Raisul were once again featured in the Straits Time today (8 January 2018). This time it is for developing a bulky protoype of the world's first "green" air-conditioning system that harnesses water to cool the surrounding air without a compressor.
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NUS Mechanical Engineering Researcher cum ESP Lecturer wins IET's distinctive Innovation Award 2017

For his research Energy and Sustainability, ESP Lecturer Associate Professor Chua Kian Jon Ernest, from the NUS Mechanical Engineering, was awarded the ‘IET Innovation Award 2017” on 15 November 2017.
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Mechanical Engineering Researcher cum ESP Lecturer A/Prof Ernest Chua wins IChemE Energy Award 2017

ESP Lecturer cum Mechanical Engineering Researcher A/Prof Ernest Chua was conferred the ‘IChemE Energy Award 2017’, in recognition of his research effort and contribution to Energy and Sustainability on 19th October 2017.
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Four-in-one utilities plant for the tropics

ESP Lecturers A/Prof Ernest Chua and Dr Raisul were featured in the Straits Time today (13 October 2017) for their smart quad-generation plant which produces electricity, water, air-conditioning and heat in a cheaper and greener way and custom-made for the tropics.
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2016 Ministry of Education Graduate Employment Surey - 2016 ESP Graduates continue to command high salaries.

The 2016 Ministry of Education’s Graduate Employment Survey results are out and ESP office found that ESP Students continue to command high mean gross monthly salary. About 85% of the cohort have found a job while the balance 5% are currently pursing higher studies.
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ESP receives International accreditation for the next 5 years

Our programme has officially received the news that it will be accredited for the next 5 years. The Evaluation Team of the Engineering Accreditation Board (EAB) of the Institution of Engineers, Singapore(IES) conducted a 2-day accreditation on-site visit to assess the Bachelor of Engineering (Engineering Science) program on 18th and 19th October 2016 against the criteria set out in the EAB Accreditation Manual. The result, ESP has passed with flying colours. The EAB summarised their report as follows.

Main strengths
(i) The mission and programme educational objectives of the Engineering Science program are periodically reviewed based on discussions with ESP’s Industry Advisory Committee.
(ii) In addition to the above, the SLOs and MLOs are periodically reviewed for improvement.
(iii) Staff and ESP Associates show great enthusiasm and passion for teaching and conducting hands-on experiments.
(iv) The student intake profile is good – attracting many good students primarily from both the Junior Colleges and overseas with equivalent qualifications.
(v) The academic qualifications of the ESP associates are of high standard and their resources are supplemented by postgraduate students from their respective departments. Teaching quality assurance is achieved via student feedback and a detailed review of teaching and examination results at the end of each semester.

Area for Improvement
(i) We recommend the cross-disciplinary aspect of the program be more clearly articulated to the students.

This report is an international recognition of the high quality of our programme, with particular emphasis on the “enthusiasm and passion” of our academic staff for “hands-on experiments”. There is only one minor weakness mentioned, which can be easily corrected. Congratulations are in order for the whole ESP team, especially to those academic/support staff directly involved in the accreditation exercise. Special thanks go to the ESP accreditation committee, consisting of Profs CM Wang, A. Khursheed and E. Birgersson, with inputs from J. Shailendra and J. van Kan. And also to the support staff who gathered information and helped compiled the final report, Violet, Priya, Anna and our ESP alumnus, Kwok Hoe. Please click here for copy of the certificate.

ESP Alumnus in the news!

ESP Almnus Tan Yi Han was featured in an article entitled Saving water: Move beyond price to focus on public education in the Today Paper dated 6 March 2017. Please click here to read about his view on getting Singaporeans to care about saving water.

Engineering Science Programme and STEM

The acronym, “STEM”, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics is becoming increasingly used in the fields of education and the job market. It was first used in the context of developing a broader type of primary/secondary school education in the US [1], but is now widely used in the context of highlighting the kind of education graduates need in order to be prepared for the future. In a speech made by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on 8th May 2015, he stressed that in order to develop its economy and to become a modern and technologically advanced society, Singapore will need to grow its talent and capabilities in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics or STEM. He said:
“… For the next 50 years, we need strong STEM capabilities to be what we should be – a vibrant, exciting, advanced society. Recently I launched the Smart Nation programme to make Singapore a nation where technology and innovation strengthens our community and society, and enables people to live meaningful and fulfilled lives. There will be many opportunities for STEM graduates to make your mark and shape how we live, work and play. We are also upgrading our living environment – building greener homes, connecting our waterways and parks, expanding our public transport networks, embarking on complex engineer projects like the High Speed Rail link between Jurong East and Kuala Lumpur. All these require expertise and skills in engineering, technology and design.” [2]
The Engineering Science Programme at NUS is focused on providing a hands-on engineering multi-disciplinary “STEM” type of education that is founded on strong scientific/mathematical fundamentals. There are clear indications that a graduate with this kind of education will do well in the job market now and for the foreseeable future. Please click on [1] for the definition of STEM and [2] for PM Lee's speech transcript.

NUS Engineering Open Day

NUS will be having her annual Open Day on 11 March 2017 and we are inviting prospective students to visit the NUS Engineering booth held on that day. Learn about the various disciplines, special degree programmes and overseas study opportunities available for you, while interacting with faculty members, current students and alumni. Please click here to find out more. See you there!

Three different department that host and support ESP

From January 2017 onwards, ESP is hosted and supported by the following three departments (Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Physics). All academic staff working for ESP are pooled from these departments and ESP is now jointly owned by them. ESP will keep its identity, and still aim to prepare students for a research and development career in science and engineering. ESP will work closely with all its three host departments, forming a new partnership.